From Students…

“I think it is important to set boundaries and to know your limits.  I didn’t know how important this was  before you came and told us the consequences.  This truly was a life-changing experience for me, and I am sure it was for others, too.”  Matt, 8th grade


“You inspired me and added on to my knowledge and ability to say no to sexual activities and to abstain myself for my future wife.  Before, I was certain that I would not have sex before marriage and now, I am without a doubt, 200% positive that I will not have sex before I am married.”  Christian, 10th grade


“I think that your presentations make people think about the consequences of not waiting to have sex until you are married.  You did a great job and I really liked the stories you told; you really got your message across in a way that kids and teens easily understand.”  Jess, 11th grade


From Faculty…

“After Truth4Youth programs are presented, I request that my students write a reflection journal entry about the program.  Their comments are overwhelmingly positive and are filled with gratitude for providing them with the opportunity to feel confident about their own values.  I would strongly encourage all schools to provide this outstanding program to their students.” -Janis Gimbel, Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) Instructor and Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) Advisor, Miller Junior/Senior High School


“From their first contact, Truth4Youth has the mission of helping students and schools. They desire to work efficiently with the school and community.  We have been more than pleased with the partnership with Truth4Youth. The benefit we have seen in our students and their excitement reinforces this fact. I encourage you to partner with this organization. They will be an asset to your school and community.” -Darren Ellwein, Lennox Middle School Principal