Who We Are

What we can do for your community:

We visit your school and/or community group to glean preliminary information about prominent issues facing teens, parents and teachers in your local community. The team produces a plan to address these sexual health issues and custom tailors an age-and-culturally-appropriate message to effectively reach any audience.

We present an entertaining and informative message for parents and community members, highlighting the truth about today’s teens and their sexual health. The presentation equips parents and youth leaders with essential skills to teens about sexual abstinence.

By delivering a compelling presentation to schools and other assemblies, we educate and motivate adolescents to make healthy choices for their future.

We provide in-depth training and work with existing abstinence educators to select and implement an abstinence education curriculum that will work best for those they wish to reach with this crucial message.

Finally, we offer ongoing technical assistance with support staff, a cutting-edge web site, e-mail updates and a myriad of abstinence education materials.

For more information please go to abstinence.net.